We love cats. Over the years we have provided a loving home to many cats. Most of them have lived a very full life and “retired”. Two in particular, Patches and Chevy, were sisters we adopted when we first came to Georgia. They both lived to be 21 years old. Last year I started to create a small memorial for our cats that have moved on, but lately it has fallen into disrepair before it was finished. Time to create something new.

I found this post over at Robin’s Nesting Place and thought it would be nice to have a birdbath on top of a pillar made out of some leftover bricks. A nice shallow copper bowl on top would make a great bird bath. After I had stacked all the bricks, I put two of our “cat statues” on top so they wouldn’t be lying around. Barb saw this and said “oh, you made a cat memorial!”. Uh, well of course I did! It’s not a bird bath at all. Of course it’s for the cats.

40 bricks
2 12″ square paving stones
1-2 tubes of Liquid Nails

Caulking gun

So the cat memorial is born. I used a pair of 12″ square pavers with 40 old bricks stacked between them, topped off with our little Patches and Chevy statues. Step 1 obviously is to find a level patch of earth. I opted not to dig into the dirt, but just placed the first paver square on the level ground.

I discovered that cleaning the bricks beforehand with a brush would have saved me some time, and I could have gotten by without opening that 2nd tube of construction adhesive. More on that later.

After that base was firmly seated nice and level, I began cleaning off and stacking up each row of bricks. With each row I put down a thick bead of adhesive on the inner edge of bricks. I used a slightly thinner bead of goop on the outer edge of the brick so that it would (hopefully) not seep through and become visible on the pillar.


I did have a bit of adhesive seep out when arranging the bricks, only to find out that wiping Liquid Nails off with your finger is a bad idea. Especially when you use the same finger that you use to unlock your phone. My fingerprint would no longer scan. Fortunately, the Liquid Nails website has instructions on how to remove the stuff from your skin.

When you reach the desired height (or run out of bricks), the other 12″ paver will be the final layer. If you planned ahead and cleaned all the dust/dirt off the bricks, then you should be able to get through this with just one tube of construction adhesive. Where I went wrong: I would apply the adhesive to the cleaned bricks, set the caulking gun down and then put the bricks in place. While I was setting the bricks in place I would set the caulking gun down. There was still just a bit of pressure in the gun, so a bit more goop would spill out. By the time I got to the top level, I squeezed out the very end of the tube and was just a bit short. It appears that the amount spilled on the ground was precisely how much I needed to complete the top layer.

I did not glue the cat statues to the top so they can be rearranged later if desired. I lightly cleaned the cat statues, but not totally. I think a little dirt-patina looks okay in this case. (dirtina?)

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